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Communication with impact, with effect.

Brandnew Brand Activation

We have just broaden our expertise with a focus on brand activation. Therefore, Eric van den Wildenberg joined Brandnew Amsterdam as the Business Director Brand Activation. With Eric joining Brandnew we have strengthened our competence portfolio with specialized knowledge of brand activation.

A commercial break as a que to go and make coffee, the webbanners you never clicked on, the pre-roll where your only focus is the moment when the ‘skip-button’ becomes active. The bombardment of signals is so excessive that we shut ourselves down, we block them and carry on with what we were doing. 

That can be different. That should be different. Because the effort a brand takes to reach out can truly be rewarded. To achieve that we use our creativity as the most important asset. Not choosing for the traditional ways to reach out to your target groups. We strive for brand activation with impact, with effect. Brand activation should touch the mind and the heart. By that creating a bond between the audience and the brand. Activating a feeling, an emotion that results in setting people into motion.

So this is our playing field in which we excel. Developing impactful concepts that come to live in clever, new and surprising ways. Because also the media and the way we use them, is an important part of the message and the effect. And exactly this is where we get our energy. Energy that we are happy to share with our clients and partners. Because creating effective brand activation is what makes us tick. Curious how this could work for you? For your brand, your organization, your product or service?

Brand Activation