Strong brands don’t apologize for being themselves

Building strong iconic brands

What if...

… we as designers could create our own brand. A brand and product that really fits today’s spirit of natural cosmetics; no bullshit! Breaking the rules by bringing smart design that sets you apart from the rest.
Sorry for being thát curious.

We created two potential concepts fitting the ‘no bullshit’ arena

Creative concept 1

Nosh. Better to be
slapped with the truth
than kissed with a lie.

Express yourself by being bold, colorful and real.

*We would like to thank the artists who’s work we used in our mood boarding, for bringing extra visual impact and flavor to these concepts.

Creative concept 2

#true. Beauty begins the moment you decide to be yourself.

Express yourself by being pure and transparent.

*We would like to thank the artists who’s work we used in our mood boarding, for bringing extra visual impact and flavor to these concepts.


So bringing these particular concepts to life as we did for so many other brands. Creating impact in all aspects, being out there and being memorable.

Meet our classics; Shivoo, Yespers and Johnny Doodle.


The unexpected cocktail

Shivoo  – Australian slang for ‘let’s have a party’ – is a new kid on the  block in what is traditionally a rather stiff and upscale category of  cocktails. Time to shake things up a bit!

We wanted to create a Shivoo moment, a bit of pocket luxury. The new single serve packaging concept we designed for Shivoo (pre-mixed)cocktails is proof of just that. 

What did we do?


What if ‘but’ becomes ‘&’ ?

Yesper, son of a farmer, who believes in the equal importance of consumer, farmer and the environment. At the same time, Yesper wanted to restore the connection between farmer and consumer. He wanted an answer to the fast growing mass production whilst keeping the food chain as short, pure and honest as possible –  eliminating unnecessary processes, taking into account impact on  nature, the farmer, the shopper and the product. 

This is what he calls the New Nature.

Yesper asked us to make him real, giving him an identity, a voice. And to design packaging for a first range of products – 100%  natural Smoothie Spreads, packaging that would tell his story as  he would:-pure, simple, transparent and in a way that connects.

What did we do?

Johnny Doodle

The name is Doodle. Johnny Doodle!

Meet Johnny Doodle: an entrepreneur by heart and, more important, a chocolate lover. He believes in opportunities, being true and being independent.  This rooky brand easily fits with the bigger social critical movement, in which consumers want better, more tasteful and honest food.

The brand identity and logo we developed represent a retro megaphone (an old-fashioned roeptoeter). That’s Johnny’s  instrument to speak up.
Or better: to shout out loud!

What did we do?

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