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Creating cool designs for a hot summer

Frozen is getting hot again. The frozen and refreshing market is one of those categories which we favor a lot as we see so much happening in the industry. The frozen food shelf is a super diverse shelf, from vegetables to ice cream and everything in between. Frozen food had long suffered from an “image problem”; because cheap… but unhealthy. Consumers preferred to choose fresh products. There are signs that this trend is now reversing, and the pandemic plays a major role in this.

But also, within the segment itself there are a lot of developments. From functional foods and biological trends to changing entire logistical chains with on farm produced and packaged vegetables. New propositions emerge where branding and packaging become more crucial than ever before.

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Time to redefine freshness. The frozen category is still at odds with the discussion of freshness, but nothing could be further from the truth. Frozen fruits and vegetables are just as fresh and therefore deserve an equally fresh look and feel. The market is polarizing towards A-brands or private labels but all brands stuck in the middle will not survive. So, go local, go functional, go sustainable, choose convenience or authentic craftsmanship. But what to choose and how to become future-proof?

That’s were Brandnew comes in, to explore with you new directions for your brand where you do not compete but excel in what you do best.


Expect the unexpected

Don’t judge a book by its cover. Whatever you’re expecting of an iced tea, it will be nowhere near what you’re going to experience. 
By infusing our meticulously picked flavors of iced tea with nitrogen, it creates millions of tiny bubbles that rise to the top of your drink creating a thick, creamy foam. A new, invigorating and exciting taste and mouthfeel, incomparable to anything you’ve ever tasted.

About Brandnew

At Brandnew we believe in the power of the brand. Not just any brand but a strong iconic brand with a sharp positioning and differentiating profile. Whether it’s about growth, internationalization, mergers or margin we know where we can add value for your brand. We are highly experienced and we can make a difference on both B2B or B2C profiles.

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